2 thoughts on “Who Are You Spending Time With?

  1. Do we ever pay attention to who we spend all of our time with? Whether washing dishes, driving or sitting in traffic, watching television, eating a meal, walking around, having a conversation, taking a shower…we are never alone. Our closest friends are always with us, and they are the virtues we hang out with, all day, every day.
    I choose every day which friend will lead my thoughts, words and deeds. Their names are Virtues and Non Virtues. I’ve become so use to blaming others for the things that come up in my life, never occurring to me, I create the world I live in and see.
    When caring more about what I give rather than what I receive… patience, understanding, honesty, forgiveness and respect follow. I’m left with a sense of well being that no amount of money can buy. Thankful is a heart that feels his brothers.
    In giving from the senses of the body, there is no unity, for what I gave was from a place of craving, desire and addiction; there was no us…only me.
    If there is a need for peace in you’re life, find some new friends.
    And remember…peace starts in my own heart.

    • Excellent observation(a)! I, too, am in touch with that emotion and have often blamed others for what, in the end, was my fault. At times I still have problems with that, but at least it is muttered under my breath…so, only God and I are in the know! Thank you for sharing!

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