Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future!


We all have a past, some happy & some no much. Regardless of what we have done, that does not define us as a person; as we can all change! See your past as a series of learning moments to hone your skills & dreams for your future!

It was once said that Thomas Edison did not see his “10,000 failures” to create the light bulb as failures, but rather as 10,000 attempts that didn’t work…the 10,001st attempt was the winning combinations.

In essence, your past does not equal your future. If it did, perhaps Mr. Edison would have stopped after 500, 1000, or 2000 attempts. And perhaps it would still be dark at night, hmmmmm…

4 thoughts on “Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future!

  1. This is so encouraging. Thank you, Brother Murf!
    I try every day to make sure I am using my past and not letting it use me. That example from Edison is so important to remember…never give up!
    HUGS, Carolyn πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, for your encouraging words. We are often held back by walls we have created over our past instead of seeing what is in front of us. If we would just release ourselves from the chains of our past, I truly believe we could be catapulted toward our future! ☺️ God bless & Godspeed my friend!

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