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Grit Flow

Virtue is a way of behaving in which someone do what is morally write and avoids things that are morally wrong. It is also a moral habit which helps in maintaining someones values.Virtues are pre-thought out methods for achieving your values or a particular aim in life.It helps us to avoid great dangers in life and prevents from making mistakes.   This means that  acting virtuous leads to a happy and successful life.

List of virtues

1)Self controle:This is about having self control in all things.

Sexual relations and other pleasurable activities,eating,anger etc should be kept in moderation.

2)Courage:Courage is the ability to act in the face of danger,uncertainty,pain, significant harm or risk. It is an important part of one’s life.

3)Patience: It is the ability to delay or wait for what is desired.

4)Integrity:It is the virtue of practicing what one believes is right.

5)Persistence: continuance in…

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