The Bible, Educationally Speaking…



2 thoughts on “The Bible, Educationally Speaking…

  1. Your statement makes no sense whatsoever.┬┤Without education we’d still be burning animals on an alter, burning people at the stake and believe the earth is flat with four corners, as stated in the bible. It’s okay if people want to browse the history of the Levant by using the Bible as reference material but it’s nothing to educate people with. What exactly is there – from an educational perspective – to be learned?

    • While I disagree with your premise, I shall respond. First, the “statement” you refer to is an attention grabber, not necessarily there to make perfect sense…and it did, after all, get your attention. Now for the bible…the bible is an excellent tool for education, the first 100+ years many were home schooled and this was used to teach reading and writing. When people made the trek from England to the Americas the majority of people carried two books with them: The Bible and Sir Wm Blackstone’s Commentaries on English Common Law. there are many passages within the bible which indicate the earth being round, but no one at the time liked to think outside the box; the burning people at the stake…sorry, that is not in the bible, you cannot blame the book for religious zealotry – try as you may; and the sacrificing animals on the alter was under the law of the Old Testament, we are no longer under the Law but rather we are under Faith after the Christ, who was the final sacrifice. At very least to be learned is a moral code to live by, faith, what is sin, what is evil, what is good, what is love, more substantively we can learn about the Creator & Author of life, and so much more. I am sorry you have such a skewed belief concerning the bible. You must really analyze situations a bit more to separate the fundamentalist zealotry, religiosity, and the bible. God Bless & Godspeed!

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