Time & Children…Make Them A Priority!


3 thoughts on “Time & Children…Make Them A Priority!

  1. I once saw a statistic in 1975 that read: ‘The average time a father spends with his children, is 17 seconds a day!’ I expect by now, fathers are hiding from their children altogether: most likely at a bar, race track, or casino. Too bad! Children are a gift, and the places I mentioned are a curse…

    • When I was growing up, my father spent little time with us…in the scheme of things. The unfortunate truth is that all too many people, both today and back then, spent & spent. Therefore, they had to work harder & more in order to afford all that we were blessed with. My mother was a homemaker after we kids started showing up. After we went to school she went back to work.

      Times they are a changin’, be careful that we don’t create the changes in our children that we truly fear for ourselves. Our future truly depends on it!

  2. I know a Chaplain in the military. He moved from China fifteen odd years ago, and had five children. I asked him advice on being a parent. He said this to me: “How do you spell LOVE? – T I M E”

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