Bibles in Prisons, but not in Schools?


This should tell you something…our children are being led astray in schools through an agenda, which will lead them to prison if not morally guided.

2 thoughts on “Bibles in Prisons, but not in Schools?

  1. Excellent point! And it’s not so much a matter of belief in God verses atheism so much as right verses wrong. To carry this further, prisons aren’t designed for rehabilitation either. Perhaps this is why certain inmates turn to The Bible for guidance… Law enforcement it would seem, is just as vengeful as whomever they chase down! Perhaps we’d do well setting a better example!

    • Agree with much of your statement. It does come down to right v. wrong (or morals.) However, imho, morals are received from a moral law giver and are perpetuated by the family unit – taught to their children. We are seeing more and more police brutality incidents, IMO, this stems from the lack of accountability upon the police by the courts; it use to be innocent until proven guilty, it seems to have changed to guilty until you prove your innocence. I appreciate and thank you for your comment. Godspeed my friend!

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