PrintA Transgender’s Regret: My Sex Change ‘Fixed Nothing’


Walt has had sex-reassignment surgery twice. (CBN)
Former Olympian Bruce Jenner has been hailed a hero by some in the LGBT community for his recent sex-change surgery and name change to Caitlyn.
But one man who has changed sexes twice says that the transgender movement has left a trail of misery in its wake.
Author and speaker Walt Heyer has experienced sex-change regret first hand.
“The surgery fixed nothing—it only masked and exacerbated deeper psychological problems,” Heyer wrote in a recent article on Public Discourse.
“If more people were aware of the dark and troubled history of sex-reassignment surgery, perhaps we wouldn’t be so quick to push people toward it,” he said.
Is sex-change surgery the answer to gender dysphoria? How should the church respond to transgenders?
“We need to be mindful that the church is a hospital for broken people. And as such, we need to be the people who administer assistance and guidance to those people who are suffering,” Heyer said.
“We don’t want to leave them where they are. We want them to be healed and find the source of Christ in their life so they can be restored the way I have been,” he added.

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2 thoughts on “PrintA Transgender’s Regret: My Sex Change ‘Fixed Nothing’

  1. You are a brave person to come out and state this and I admire your courage. I hope you will be able to help others who suffer over this choice and the emotional anguish that propels such drastic measures.
    I do apologize for anything that might add to anyone anguish, I do not wish for anyone to suffer any additional emotional, physical or spiritual pain then already being experienced. And I believe it is important to acknowledge when some one suffers emotionally, because to state that the thoughts one has, which brings pain, is irrelevant is to exacerbate the problem. But it seems in this day and age where absurd notions like “Liquid Plumber” and “Uncle Ben’s Rice” has to have a sexual slant to advertise their product, it is very difficult to see that what is happening is the permission to define ‘self’ by sex and sexuality. What makes each one of us, what defines us as human, is not necessarily or completely our gender and I can see that the attempt to understand the conflict people go through in this respect, has only enabled the choice to define ‘self’ by sex and sexuality.
    What makes a girl into a woman, and a boy into a man, is being born a girl and boy, which amounts to lifetime of knowing who we are and how God made us; my groin is not what necessarily makes me a girl/woman. The human body is a sacred thing, given by God, and I do sympathize with those who suffer with a certain amount of anguish, convinced that they are stuck inside the wrong gender. But true identity is only found in the acceptance of how we are naturally born into this world; accepting how God made us and to ignore this fact will have long lasting consequences. Because when all the fanfare is over, of which sensationalism always fades because the one shock-tactic is abandoned in favor of the next sensational act of self-abuse, ridicule is used to make it easier to discard yesterdays news. And what can be risked is more emotional distress then before because what develops when one is just ‘self’, alone, is the total disillusionment.
    It is amazing that the surgical option is promoted as the easier solution then going to God through Our Lord Jesus Christ. That to subject one’s body to the absolute trauma, pain and anguish, that goes into such a procedure, is considered easier, less evasive, and more sensible, then the attempt to include God in life. Peace through surgery is given reason while the thought of God is tainted as ridiculous, absurd and fraught with too many labors then the cutting, sewing and scaring of flesh. Again I apologize for any unwelcomed offense, I do not wish to add to another’s suffering. I acknowledge that one’s suffering is very real and to respect that suffering by offering a view to a choice that is not necessarily easier but more fulfilling, is definitely evasive but full of an inexhaustible mystery, and can offer sense in a profound way that leads to a joy that is not limited to the manmade world, by including God in life. That a healthy spirituality is only found with exercising our religious values; that divorcing spirituality from religion only leads to disillusionment because a healthy spirituality is found by helping others who suffer, and the strength, wisdom and grace to help others is only through striving to emulate the living example of love in Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I can see it but because by it I can see everything else.” – C.S. Lewis.

    • God accepts & loves everyone, regardless of what many sects of Christianity’s leadership states. But the bible states God’s laws, precepts, tenets, & statutes to be followed. Though it seems that God takes a long time to correct man & chastise him…it is actually patience because He wants all mankind to be saved and enter His kingdom! Thank you for commenting!

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