Where did God come from??

Perfect answer!! Worth watch this!!


4 thoughts on “Where did God come from??

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  2. What a profound and awesome answer, I must see this over and over again so that it is straight in my thought processes. Thank you for sharing and I have re-blogged it because this needs to be seen. Very well done.

    • I agree. We as people have a constant bombardment of and from people who misunderstand God. It is our job (The Great Commission) to reveal as best we can OUR God & OUR Savior to all others and this is done through the Holy Spirit. We cannot do it all, unfortunately, but we can try. There is no end all and be all argument that will cause someone to have that iconic “Ah-HA!” moment, but it is the Holy Spirit which performs this! Thank you and Godspeed, my friend!

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