Church Pew Bar Stool – A CALL FOR LOVE

This message is short, but powerful! A call for love and a call to drop the “holier than thou” belief of oneself! Remember, we are all sinners, no matter how much we know or how much we have learned…we are still sinners. Love the sinners, but hate their sin; this is how Jesus lived and it is how we should live!

The unsaved and the self-righteous do not recognize the true need for their salvation. We are not here to show them that we are righteous, but that we, too, are sinners with a better calling in life and a better path to follow. It is not by our arguments that they will see, nor by our emulation of Christ’s life…but rather through the Holy Spirit that they will see this. Although, their right to chose (a gift of God) will not be impeded! We are all the same, just LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! We can do far more good by loving our neighbors than by judging everyone in our path.

God Bless You All!

Brother Murf

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