We need more Encouragers


5 thoughts on “We need more Encouragers

    • Have you ever noticed that those who encourage such destruction of life, have not done so themselves? That shows the utter hypocrisy in their belief and their lack of faith in all they spew.

  1. Ah, but someone must take the lesser glory of inspiring greater glory, as their gods demand. I wonder if that makes the ones training to be the martyrs. Oh what fun we can have when playing pretend.

    • You are more than welcome to keep that foolhardiness of the “lesser glory”! It is funny, sadly so, that Satan, Lucifer, or whatever other name you choose to call him was once the chief angel of God whose downfall was his own pride…he was once an angel of light and is described as a deceiver of the world. And then the Quran describes ” Allah is the best of deceivers”. Therefore, once could infer by logic that Satan and Allah are the same person. But everything plays it’s part and we must choose wisely.

  2. You ever watch a group of nerds discussing one of their shows, or books? They argue, in depth, about the finite details of completely imagined stories. They, even, regularly go to conventions in extremely elaborate costumes, have themes parties, etc, etc. These people revolved their lives around these imaginary worlds, because they enjoy it.

    And they know it’s fantasy.

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