“Blackjack” Pershing a True Leader & Warrior

General John J. Pershing also wrote a Preface of the New Testament & Book of Psalms, August 10, 1917, which was given to soldiers: 

“To the American Soldier aroused against a nation waging war in violation of all Christian principles.
Our people are fighting in the cause of Liberty. 
Hardships will be your lot, but trust in God will give you comfort; temptation will befall you, but the teachings of our Savior will give you strength. 
Let your valor as a soldier and your conduct as a man be an inspiration to your comrades and an honor to your country. 

-(signed) Pershing, Comdg.” 

John Harper’s Last Convert by Steve Crain


An unidentified Scotsman is reportedly the only other source of information concerning Harper’s last earthly actions. Here is that account (…read more…):

In a prayer meeting in Hamilton, Ontario, some months or years after the Titanic sank, a young Scotsman stood up and in tears told this unusual story of how he was converted.

He said he was on the Titanic the night it struck the iceberg. He had clung to a piece of floating debris in the freezing waters.

“Suddenly,” he said, “a wave brought a man near – John Harper. He, too, was holding a piece of wreckage.

“He called out, ‘Man, are you saved?’

“‘No, I am not,’ I replied.

john-harper“He shouted back, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.’

“The waves bore (Harper) away, but a little later, he was washed back beside me again.

“‘Are you saved now?’ he called out.

“‘No,’ I answered.

“‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,’ Harper said.

“Then losing his hold on the wood, (Harper) sank. And there, alone in the night with two miles of water under me, I trusted Christ as my saviour. I am John Harper’s last convert.”