Prison Ministry Can Do A World Of Good. Especially, for One Whose World Crashed!

The love of God changed David’s life forever, but without someone like you, he might never have heard the Gospel.

If you ask him today, David will say that God saved him by sending him to prison. His life was out of control. He couldn’t stop drinking. It was only a matter of time until his freedom would be taken away.

In prison, David lost everything that mattered to him, including his children. But something else also happened. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. David got involved with Prison Fellowship and signed his children up for Angel Tree. Slowly, life began to change.

Today he is out of prison and reunited with his family. Together, they are following God with all their hearts. They are a powerful example of what God can do and is doing when you give. But there’s another family—it could be any one of a thousand prisoners’ families. This family still needs to experience the power of the Gospel.

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