Group Passing Out Bibles to Elementary School Students Faces Legal Action

There was a time when the Bible was the foundation of our public school system.

Now, community members are threatened with legal action simply for handing them out to kids.

If you ever wonder how our society got to this point, this is exactly why. As soon as God got unconstitutionally kicked out of schools, the moral fabric of our society began to fall apart.

Our government protects the rights of its citizens to worship without interference from the government. The secular humanist myth that this means worship should have no place in public institutions has eroded not only the integrity of our school systems but of our nation as a whole.

The Christian Post reports:

An Illinois school district has sent a cease and desist letter to a community member who was handing out Bibles to students on school property and has threatened to call the cops if Bible distribution continues.

At the request of the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, the La Harpe Community School District has ordered an elementary school principal to stop placing Bible verses on official school correspondence and has also told an unnamed evangelist to stop passing out Bibles on school property.

In May, FFRF sent a letter to Superintendent Ryan Olson to voice two complaints about Christianity being promoted on school grounds in ways that the group claims violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The first complaint involved La Harpe Elementary School Principal Lila McKeown. The principal was accused of using her position to promote her Christian faith through flyers distributed to teachers at staff meetings. The flyers included Bible verses and some were related to holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

One flyer read: “Easter is the celebration of God’s greatest gift – salvation through Jesus Christ.” Another flyer called for the homes of staff members to be “filled with loving presence of our almighty God.”

Secondly, the group accused McKeown of allowing outside adults to distribute Bibles at the school doors. The organization believes that the individuals could be affiliated with Gideons International, an evangelical Christian evangelistic organization.

FFRF requested that the school district take action to stop the practices going on at La Harpe Elementary.

So, the First Amendment protects schools from being influenced by religion? Then why is it, tell me, that the very same men who wrote the First Amendment also added this to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?

Art. 3: Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.

Oooooh, that’s right. Because the First Amendment keeps the government out of the church. It was never intended to keep the Bible out of schools.

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5 thoughts on “Group Passing Out Bibles to Elementary School Students Faces Legal Action

  1. So ridiculous if there were not something far more sinister about it. I have written FFRF about their perspective— they claim the Bible is divisive. I remind them God is love. The Bible is His love letter to people who are the divisive ones.

  2. The Bible is synonymous with religion, it’s not the public schools place to teach religion. We have a constitution, we have separation of church and State. Long may it be.

    • It is not the public school’s place to teach religion; however, PSs have on numerous accounts force fed children the religion of evolution and Islam. Present equally or do not present at all. A university student was kicked out of class when he pushed the idea that there are only 2 sexes in a Christian course taught by an atheist feminist…hmmmmm? Yes, we have a constitution and the “so called” separation of church & state where the separation is being mis- & ill used & applied. The FFs intended that a moral people be guided by their religious belief and the government stay out of religion.

      • Though I’m sure it’s hopeless here let me repeat. The school teacher is not equipped to teach religion nor is school a place for evangelicals to be passing out bibles and attempting to brain wash kids.

      • Brainwash or educate? Passing out a Bible places information in your hands, only. What you do with that information is purely up to the recipient of the Bible. A gift is just a gift, if not accepted it remains the property of the giver.

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