One thought on “Read to Understand!

  1. This is 100% true, the Old Testament is the New Testament’s n°1 reference point, as can be seen in the book of Acts; no one should reject the Scriptures as being outdated. Many people believe that Paul wanted to ignore laws stated in the Old Testament, because new conventions had been made between God and his people in the New Testament. God or Jesus never said to drop the old laws and conventions, but merely wished to clarify them, and hence the raison d’être of the Book of Romans. Paul too wanted to clarify, not to provoke a scission within the church at the time.
    Many people see the Old and New Testaments as being totally disconnected, and this is because few people have taken it upon themselves to read the Old Testament and view it objectively, instead of castigating it from the sedentary position of an observer, by declaring it as ‘oblique, wordy, unbearable’. Paul is more of a Moses than most people think.

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