So, A High School Classmate Posted This on Facebook…The Greatness of Being Humane!

Thomas Bell April 19 @ 8:58 pm

Straight from the horses, Errr In this case ,Eagles mouth ! My wife tells a nice story… my girls are heroes! 🙏🏻❤️🤘😍🤘


Dawn Bell April 18 @ 9:08 pm

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Sunday and Passover Seder! My daughter and I spent quality time with mimi, pop and David… We laughed a lot! So grateful for the belly aches!

The pictures attached was a crazy, amazing, very nerve-racking and fulfilling adventure Holiday evening for Ava and I.

Unfortunately, we saw a bald eagle being hit by a car 9:30 at night. It was left on the road to die. I just knew this beautiful creature, laying in the road, was our American emblem.. our mascot of freedom …

Therefore, instinct took over. I immediately pulled over and ran to his rescue. Thankfully, I had a long sweater which I covered his head, body (wings) able to pick him up and put this gorgeous raptor in the trunk of my car. All with the help of my amazing daughter, Ava!

I called 911, however, they were just as stumped and amazed like we were. I googled a 24 hour animal hospital in the area Newton 24 Animal hospital


They provided us with a few phone numbers to provide the help Mr. Bald Eagle needed immediately. The 1st number we called was Avian Wildlife Center in Wantage. The moment we called, Giselle, answered one ring at 10 o’clock at night. Giselle was very helpful and anxiously awaited our arrival. Her main goal was to help this beautiful creature immediately!!!! Avian Wildlife Center has amazing people volunteering their time for all. Please look at their amazing Facebook page with incredible rescues stories. Giselle is my hero!!

Our beautiful, big, male Bald Eagle knew we were there to help him. I spoke with Giselle (sanctuary) today. Mr. Bald Man is alert, however, has not been able to stand up on his own, he has a badly broken right wing, and a couple of broken toes with deep scrapes.

The sanctuary feels there are other issues going on within his body. Yet, they do not want to move him considering the shock he’s been through already. When they feel Mr. Bald Man is strong enough, he’ll be moved to the Raptors Trust tomorrow for x-rays and a thorough examination.

I’m getting very emotional posting this… So please, please pray he’s going to get through this painful ordeal! Pray he will meet his mate again and raise beautiful Bald Eagle babies.

Side note, I want to thank everybody who responded to my husbands post last night. I want to thank you all for your help, your advice and your words of compassion! It meant everything to my daughter and I!

Please pray this beautiful, beautiful raptor, king of the sky, emblem of our country will get through this!

Thank you 💞


Sadly things did not fair very well for the Eagle…OUR NATIONAL SYMBOL

Dawn Bell April 21 @ 6:35 pm


Mr. Baldy, Mr. hero and what what I’ve been calling him is our miracle.

Giselle, from Avian Wildlife Center, traveled to Raptor Trust this morning. He had a full examination with x-rays this morning. His right wing was broken so badly that the blood vessels from his elbow to a main artery was compromised. Therefore, restricting blood flow to the rest of his body and his wing.

Our majestic bald eagle our American Mascot our Emblem of Freedom went over the rainbow bridge today. The vet and reps (NJ state) evaluated the x-rays and his examination. They decided it be best he makes his journey to heaven.

Again, thank you to all who expressed compassion, kindness and love for this journey… He’s in a better place.

Yet, I really wish he was soaring high above us all right now!!! 🦅😇😭🌈🙏🏻

Much love


Godspeed & God Bless to Dawn & Ava for going out of their way to help an fatally injured Eagle!

Our hearts and our prayers to you two!


A mouse was placed at the top of a jar filled with grains. It was so happy to find so much food around him that no longer he felt the need to run around searching for food. Now he could happily live his life. After a few days of enjoying the grains, he reached the bottom of the jar.

Suddenly, he realize that he was trapped and he couldn’t get out. He now has to fully depend on someone to put grains in the jar for him to survive.
He now has no choice but to eat what he’s given.

A few lessons to learn from this:

1) Short term pleasures can lead to long-term traps.

2) If things come easy and you get comfortable, you are getting trapped into dependency.

3) When you are not using your skills, you will lose more than your skills. You lose your CHOICES and FREEDOM.

4) Freedom does not come easy but can be lost quickly. NOTHING comes easily in life and if it comes easily, maybe it is not worth it..

Don’t curse your struggles. They are your blessings in disguise. Read this again.