COVID19 – Dry Run or End Times?

I thought you might find this interesting, in light of what is going on throughout the world. Beware of what you listen to and how much weight you give to those pushing the news your way…you may just be surprised by what is happening around you!

Love in Christ!

Brother Murf




Nine Steps to Presenting the Case for Christianity


STEP #1 – Pick a Jury Insightfully

STEP #2 – Make an Opening Statement Thoroughly

STEP #3 – Call Witnesses Selectively

STEP #4 – Present Evidence Specifically

STEP #5 – Anticipate and Respond to the Opposite Side Preemptively

STEP #6 – Proceed Through the Case Graciously

STEP #7 – Make a Closing Argument Convincingly

STEP #8 – Instruct the Jury Evidentially

STEP #9 – Place the Case in the Hands of the Jury Confidently