While Memorial Day is to remember those who gave all. To my knowledge, none in my family gave all, but did give some:

Michael Murphy (myself), Desert Storm era

Deane Murphy, WWII;

Leon J. Buteau, Sr., post-WWI;

Leon J. Buteau, Jr., Korean War;

Joseph S. Vincent, sadly was on one of HMS during the War of 1812…but he did serve, I won’t hold that against him, he is family nonetheless;

John Walter Tobin, Civil War.

I am certain there are others within my lineage who served, but there are no notes to that fact.

Remember all and remember them well. Godspeed!


The Real St. Patrick by Ted Olsen

‘Tis the season for parades, green beer, shamrocks, and articles talking about why St. Patrick’s day isn’t all about parades, green beer, and shamrocks.

First, a few misconceptions about Patrick:
Patrick isn’t really a Saint with a capital S, having never been officially canonized by Rome. And Patrick couldn’t have driven the snakes out of Ireland because there were never any snakes there to begin with. He wasn’t even the first evangelist to Ireland (Palladius had been sent in 431,about five years before Patrick went). Patrick isn’t even Irish. He’s from what’s now Dumbarton, Scotland (just northwest of Glasgow).
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