Satan wants us tired, worn thin, and stressed.

A worthwhile article to read:

Mom Exposing How Satan Steals Our Families Will Flip Your View of “Normal” Up. Side. DOWN.

This past year I read a book with my daughter called Little House in the Big Woods. You may be familiar with it. It’s the first book written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and it began the popular Little House on the Prairie series. I don’t recall reading it before, and as I read it to my five-year-old, I think I enjoyed it even more than her. Something about the way the family lived, it intrigued me. I love my Internet tremendously, but the simplicity and closeness this family shared sounded really wonderful to me. The idea of working together for each other drew me into their little world. Many times as I read the pages aloud I yearned for such a time as the ones described. [READ MORE…]



Sin is but a distraction with eternal consequences!

“Sin is placed at the forefront of man’s mind and his life, by Satan, so that he (man) will be too preoccupied with what is wrong in his life which prevents him from seeing & experiencing what is truly good in his life. This is why man has such a difficult time of averting sin and enjoying the life blessed upon him by God Almighty. Man needs to focus on the goodness of life and not on the sins and their destructiveness. We must be mindful of our sinfulness in order to change our ways. Equally, if not more so, we need to be mindful of the good in order to be grateful for all we have & for all our blessings.”

~Brother Murf

{an epiphany while in a time of prayerfulness, which possesses much the same conundrum depicted by the Bruce Lee meme.}


The idea is that if you concentrate on one thing you will fail to notice or even experience something else…be mindful of goodness and do good, be mindful of your potential for sinfulness and practice the art of doing what is right and just!