My Blogs

Prodigals Son Ministry

A ministry for those who are lost, as we all are at some point in time. God seeks the lost soul through others that they may, in some small or great way, be the beacon  that the lost may find their way. Generally, I try to write about 1000 words, some blather on a bit longer.

Doc Murf’s Corner Bookshelf

Pretty much just what it sounds like…yes, a book review site. I have gotten to the point of reading roughly, one book per week (sometimes more) and that information needs to go somewhere. There you have it…it goes right here! I will generally copy the write-up for the book itself and at the bottom I will show a break and then what I thought of the book itself. I bounce around and don’t do too much in the way of novels, but rather my goal is to learn, therefore, I read the following:

  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Theological
  • Success
  • Education
  • Law (at times)
  • and much more…

I hope you enjoy either of my sites!

Godspeed my friends and be so blessed in this journey & adventure we call life!