My Creed

I believe in:

  • One true God.
  • That God is real and is spirit (therefore, God is the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Christ not the triune Godhead as has been taught by many sects.)
  • That Heaven is a real place within the spiritual realm, but resides all around us.
  • That God does not make it a habit to interfere in man’s life.
  • That our rights & liberties are gifts from God and no one has the right to abrogate or diminish them in any way.
  • That all things are permitted, but not all things are permissible. (Hence the 10 Commandments and the Two Greatest Commandments from Jesus.)
  • No one knows it all, our faith must be strong enough to challenge our beliefs, and we must be willing to revise or allow our beliefs to evolve with new information.

…these beliefs of my creed may grow as time continues on, I just wanted you to know some of my beliefs as you may disagree with me and you may not wish to subject yourself to my thoughts and discussions.

30 thoughts on “My Creed

  1. EXCELLENT creed! Love it!

    considering dreaming about excellence tonight…

    YAY! I’m giving the excellence awards tomorrow…

    Your blog is on my list of EXCELLENCE blogs and here is an award to demonstrate my sincere gratitude:
    The link is scheduled in my posts at USA Eastern Time NOON – on 1/24/2014 (tomorrow).
    You can copy the badge and have some fun with giving the award to others too!
    ~ Eric

  2. Your second belief gives pause. I will explore that further. I believe All is One, but am not sure if my view is necessarily the triune or not. We are taught “Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Spirit)” and that “they” exist in fellowship as one, hence the plurality of God’s reference to self in Genesis 1:24. However, I personally view each as a different realization of God: Jesus Christ as God incarnate, transformed into our earthly Savior, but since he was born to man and prayed and spoke to God, there was a separation of sorts (like extracting a part of one’s soul to do a bidding as a separate entity that is still “yours” but free until it returns to you); and, the Holy Spirit as God in us because the veil was torn and man was freed to inherit the Kingdom’s movement within ourselves in spite of our sins, since Jesus bore them and charged us with carrying the Word throughout the world… which would not be possible without some grasp of Heaven within (I would think). I see them all as one, but also envision each differently… I see God in my prayer, song & humility… Jesus in my gratitude, forgiveness & hope… the Holy Spirit in my gifts, passion & connectivity with others. I am not by any means a Biblical scholar, but God’s Spirit fully occupies my heart… so it is always my best interpreter and means for understanding for me. New perspectives always intrigue me because I never know if God is going to share something enlightening with me through them (And I do see that you believe God is not one to interfere much, but I tend to feel the opposite in my life. Either I’ve got an incredible auto-pilot with course correction upgrades guiding my path or I’ve given chase like a love-sick teenager to the extent God has no choice but to pay close attention). Whatever the case, God certainly makes me feel special! 🙂
    I truly appreciate your follow, and will certainly spend more time here exploring your thoughts.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the blog follow. It has led me to your blog, which I am now following.

    I look forward to reading more of your inspirational posts.

    May you have a blessed week.


  4. Remember God is Omnipresent! As a philosopher professor once told me in relation to a question about miracles: “the sun shining on the trees is a miracle.”

    “You can live your life as if nothing is a miracle, or live your life as if everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein (supposedly).

  5. Thank you Brother Muff for stopping in over on cookiecrumbstoliveby–I saw your post shared on Natalie’s blog about the rescuing of a dog—I loved that image and the thoughts attached—I look forward to reading and sharing our faith though our common believe in the One true Omnipotent God–blessings and grace–Julie

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