cover your body

This girl bought an iPhone,when the father saw it, he asked her “what was the 1st thing you did after buying the phone”?

She said “I put an anti-scratch sticker and bought a cover for the phone”.

Did someone force you to do so? She said “No”.
The father asked her”did you think it was an insult to the manufacturer?” She said “No that it was recommended that a cover be used on the phone”.
Did you cover it because it was cheap and ugly?
“No daddy, actually I covered it because I did not want any damage to it or what would devalue the phone”.

“When you put the cover,did it reduce the iPhone beauty?”

“Daddy I think it looks better and worth it for the protection it gives to my new iPhone”.
The father looked lovingly at his daughter and said”if I had asked you to cover your body which is much more precious than your iphone,would you have readily agreed?”.

She was mute….

Indecent dressing and exposure of your body reduces your value and respect.
Am I talking to somebody???