I would like to share with everyone what Jacob Birgy did after football practice Tuesday evening. He was traveling down supply road and noticed that a gentleman was laying on the ground and he turned around to check on him. He found the gentleman not breathing and had no pulse. He immediately called 911 and the dispatcher asked him to start CPR and was sending help. Jacob starting doing CPR for 8 minutes before another passerby stopped and offered to take over as he was medical trained by the military. Soon as the first police officer showed up along with other medical personnel. The gentleman came to and had no idea what was going on. They were able to get him to hospital, where he’s reported to be recovering. We hear so much negative things about today youth but here’s a chance to celebration a young man who saved someone’s life by getting involved. Jacob was very Humble about what he did and I asked for his permission to post this. As he mentioned he just happened to be at the right spot at the right time. Jacob you are a ROCK STAR !!