God gives us the tools we need, not the presents we want!

Saw this on Facebook and thought it fit the genre:

I had a “God” moment today. I was in OKC and stepped out of my truck, looked down and saw a wrench. I bent over and picked it up. Looked around to see if I could find who it belonged to, but found no one, so I put it in my pocket and went on about my day. Two hours later, I stopped and got out of my truck in a residential neighborhood. I got back in my truck and turned the key, but it wouldn’t start. So I popped the hood and started to investigate. I found loose cables going to my battery. I was thinking “I don’t have any tools. I need a wrench “. Then I remembered I had that wrench I had just found. Tried it. Perfect fit!!! Only one size would do and I had it in my pocket. So I gave thanks to God for making my day a little easier, then I realized the bigger picture. God gives us the tools to handle it. He gives us the tools to handle the good, bad and ugly in our lives. I needed this moment today and I have a little more faith and hope that I can handle what may come my way. It gave me peace knowing this…