….FAILURE, such a negative sounding word but one that follows us around waiting to take a chunk out of our self esteem. And IT does. The reason it does is we allow it to.
….Have you ever thought that maybe you are just waiting for the word to become alive in you so it can validate deeper thoughts you have had about yourself? Of course there always have been whispers in your ear about this word FAILURE. You can find so many different ways to ignore it. Addictive behaviors, indifference, blaming others for what we have not accomplished, these are some of our greatest tools to use against ourselves and the world.
….We might dream of success but we can certainly play the victim of failure. Don’t you think that it is easier calling yourself a failure than trying to maintain success. You see, achieving success is not that difficult but maintaining it is a different story all together. This takes a real commitment to your self and that can be a difficult goal to achieve.
….There is no such thing as failure, there are only choices. We can choose to follow the path of success by committing ourselves to following through something to the end. We might not get it right at first but the drive for success will help us along the way and WE WILL SUCCEED! This is all about our attitude. Or we can give up on ourselves and try and tell the world that we are just not good enough!
….This is your choice and it is time to determine who you are. Are you someone who is committed to your growth or someone who gives up on yourself? There are no excuses when it comes to failure, it’s only a choice. Is this statement harsh? YES! But we must remember that we are in this life today, as far as we know only once and if we do not strive for success, what do we accomplish?