Look Up

This Is A Video EVERYONE Needs To See.


Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth. Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet. It’s heartbreaking… I feel guilty myself. We need to spread this message before it’s too late. Please do your part and SHARE it with everyone you know.

This was a video well worth the 5 minutes I spent watching it. Am I speechless because of it, no. However, it does illustrate the fact that despite the illusion of all the “social media” around us that there are many moments we lose because of our addiction to it. I agree that we are a bunch of idiots with phones smarter than we! Take a breath & look up for a change. I have noticed, to a certain degree, that I do not raise my head, make eye contact and say hello…what a sad society are we all? Social media has also infiltrated our relationship with God…WATCH OUT MY FRIENDS!