Sitting here at the Bellevue Medical Center, waiting for my wife’s procedure (no nothing serious!), and I am reminded of the movie “THE BUCKET LIST”. Morgan Freeman speaks to Jack Nicholson while on the top of a pyramid, concerning two questions asked before entry into heaven:

1. Have you found joy in your life?
2. Has your life brought joy to others?

Consider how simplistic and beautiful that is. It kind of breaks life down to something very simple and easy. While our life is intended to serve & glorify God, would this not be one thing that would glorify God? The joy of self and others?

God bless & Godspeed my friends!

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future!


We all have a past, some happy & some no much. Regardless of what we have done, that does not define us as a person; as we can all change! See your past as a series of learning moments to hone your skills & dreams for your future!

It was once said that Thomas Edison did not see his “10,000 failures” to create the light bulb as failures, but rather as 10,000 attempts that didn’t work…the 10,001st attempt was the winning combinations.

In essence, your past does not equal your future. If it did, perhaps Mr. Edison would have stopped after 500, 1000, or 2000 attempts. And perhaps it would still be dark at night, hmmmmm…